It’s a Wrap

School holidays started with two season ending tournaments for our junior players. Wellington North Junior Championships and Capital Region Junior League saw Team WN junior players reaching the podium to wrap up their 2020 season.

Wellington North Junior Championships 2020 saw the formalisation of the tournament catering for all junior players in the Wellington North region. Whilst most of our Team WN junior players competed in the open grade competition, the launch of the social grade competition has attracted players from local schools and community. Congratulations to all the finalists!

Full results available online.

The inaugural Capital Region Junior League was launched on 30 September. A initiative headed by the Capital Region Badminton Associations, with the support of Wellington City Council. This event attracted over 100 regional junior players competing and representing their home association. Team WN Junior players have dominated the U19 competition, taking home ALL medals against teams from Badminton Hutt Valley and Badminton Wellington. Whilst our Team WN U15 Junior players took home the gold from the U15 Division 1 competition, and the silver from the Division 2 competition. Overall great results from our future badminton stars.

Final team placing available online.

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