Shuttle Time Gold Programme

An invitational programme catered for children who are ready to take their badminton to the competition level. The Shuttle Time Gold Programme is a pathway into our representative teams.

Every Friday 16:30-18:00

Cost: $120/term

This programme is a progression on the Wellington North Pathway from our Silver Programme. It is targeted at the more advanced participants who wish to progress into representative teams and compete within local badminton competitions. The programme will have a substantial emphasis on badminton training which will focus on advanced techniques, physical fitness and continue to highlight the importance on physical literacy.

Badminton training includes 

Advanced grips, overhead shots, movement patterns (footwork), positioning and tactics all with a considerably strong focal point on the correct technique. 

Physical literacy includes 

Quality experiences are imbedded within our vision and philosophy, emphasising the value of having a participant centred approach. We will stress the importance of confidence, competence, knowledge and understanding of the sport and being active to ensure an enjoyable, rewarding experience is achieved at all times for participant satisfaction.